Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatment and the New laser

Vaginal tightening tightens the muscles of the pelvis in order to achieve or maintain a proper degree of elasticity of the pelvic floor muscles.

These muscles need to be able to contract to maintain restraint and relax allows urination and bowel movements, and women for sex and give birth. They also support and protect the organs in the abdomen and hold the bladder in place.


A loose vagina is often experienced by menopausal women or those who have recently been in childbirth. Your vagina is likely to loosen if you have sex too often. Concerns about vaginal size are quite common because most people prefer small and narrow vagina for better sexual experience. Women also experience increased sexual sensations with a tightened vagina, whereas a loose vagina leads to delayed orgasms because of reduced friction between the penis and vagina. Some women with a loose vagina have been struggling for sexual satisfaction, while others cannot have an orgasm.


A loose vagina is known to lead to conditions such as low sensitivity, decreased sexual pleasure and incontinence. Another vaginal diarrhea is the condition associated female urinary incontinence. Vaginal looseness contributes to urinary incontinence because the loose nerves and muscles of the vagina are unable to retain urine or control its release.


However, vaginal rejuvenation laser, also known as LVR, takes about 1 hour and is a surgical procedure that is designed to enhance sexual pleasure. LVR is effective in improving vaginal muscle tone, strength and control.


You can expect more to improve sex life, because this offer vaginal tightening surgery. This operation will reduce the internal and external vaginal diameters. This is recommended if you plan to cure the problem in which the vaginal muscles weakened and lost tone, control and power. If the muscles are weak and poorly supported in the vagina, it is no longer in its optimum physiological state.


To determine whether this procedure is right for you, it is advisable to have a consultation with a plastic surgeon and a certified expert. How to apply to this procedure, the surgeon must be trained and certified in laser vaginal rejuvenation procedures.


Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation offers incredible advantages over traditional vaginal surgery because it is self-cauterizing blood loss and reducing the infection risks due to the non-invasive procedure. You can expect a full recovery and be able to continue your daily activities in a shorter period time than conventional surgery. You don’t have to wait for weeks to have an intercourse with your lover.


Laser Vaginal rejuvenation may be the best solution if you if you have experienced inconveniences. Urinary incontinence can be caused by the same conditions such as vaginal relaxation or loose vagina. Pelvic muscles are weaken and the important organ such as bladder, can be troubled with the incontinence.



LVR is an amazing opportunity to tighten and strengthen the muscles of the vagina, which can be effective in controlling incontinence. If you have problem with leakage of urine, urination when coughing, bladder control and other symptoms of incontinence, Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation can be effective in helping you to overcome your problem.

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